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«Let your dreams come true!»

After graduating in early 1998 from Odessa State Medical University, majoring in surgery, Gennady Patlazhan further specialized his medical skills by attending the Professional Traineeship and Professional Refresher Training for Public Health Care Specialists programme, based at Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, under the guidance of Doctor and Medical Sciences Professor K. P. Pshenisnov, who is one of the founders and a certified member of SPRAS, which is affiliated to the American (USA) community of plastic surgeons.

For the last 21 years he has successfully performed over 8000 operations

Upon completion of the programme he was officially qualified to practice the medical specialities of: plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, microsurgery, and hand surgery.

Leading Surgeon for series of training seminars entitled: Plastic and Esthetic Surgery, under the auspices of Odessa State Medical University. Dr. G. Patlazhan is author of the monograph Plastic Esthetic Surgery – Contemporary Aspects. (In Collection: Health 2000. 232 pgs). And author of articles: Treatment Methods for Hypertrophic and Keloidal Scars; Functional and Esthetic Rhinoseptoplasty; Augmentation Mammoplasty in the popular medical journal Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, Ukraine (2003-2004).

In 2006, Dr. Patlazhan performed some of the most difficult operations currently known in the plastic surgery project Beauty Factory: Made in the Ukraine. He is a specialist leading a new school of plastic surgery. Gennady has mastered the most complicated techniques in reconstructive face and body surgery.

His most preferred operations are rhinoplasty and mammoplasty, as well as all types of complicated deformations (birth defects) and secondary operations, including remedying earlier operations done by other surgeons. Gennady is a member of: the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (SPRAS); the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), and is Ukraine’s representative member for the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS).



Dr. G.Patlazhan has participated in 28 scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars and events at the international level. He is scientific consultant for the popular journal Plastic Surgery as It Is (Ukraine). Joint author of articles about breast reconstruction in Annals of Plastic Surgery (Russia). He holds two patents on rhinoplasty innovations. An article of using SMAS-flap in open rhinoplasty in Russian Rhinology magazine. Similarly, Dr. Patlazhan has joint authorship with Prof Pshenisnov in reports about esthetic surgery in Vienna in 2005, and the only report representing CIS (Commonwealth of Independant States) for an international Medical congress in Rio De Janeiro, 2006.

plastic surgeon Patlazhan G.
  • Author of monographic work Plastic Aesthetic Surgery: Contemporary Aspects. (Health, 2000; 232 pgs.)

  • Scientific consultant for the popular Publication Plastic Surgery as It Is (Ukraine).

  • Declared patent: Method of Open Rhinoplasty Surgery utilizing Subcutaneous SMAS-flaps. Patent № U 2005 03668.

  • Declared patent: Method of Open Rhinoplasty utilizing cartilage flaps. Patent № U 2005 03664.

  • Joint authorship of article: Problems in Breast Reconstruction after Injection of Polyacrilomid Gel. In magazine Annals of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, № 2, 2001.

  • Author of article Current Aspects of Modern Otoplasty of Protruding Ear Auricle. (Moscow 2002)

  • Joint author of report Our Experience in Functional Aesthetic Rhinoplasty IV ICPRAS Congress Yaroslavl 2003.

  • Author of report Open Rhinoplasty Surgery utilizing SMAS-flap. 10th congress ESPRAS 2005, Vienna.

  • Joint authorship of report Innovations and New Technologies in Open Rhinoplasty at ISAPS
    Congress 1-5 August, 2006 in Rio De Janeiro. The only report from CIS area.

  • Author of SMAS article, SMAS-flaps in Open Rhinoplasty, in journal Russian Rhinology, 2006.

  • For the Second All-Ukrainian Applied Medical Science Conference on Plastic Surgery in Ukraine under the auspices of the Ukrainian Ministryof Health, the Bogomolez Scientific Medical University, and the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Ukraine, 2006, Dr. Gennady I. Patlazhan authored and presented following reports:
    a.Usage of Fibromuscular Materials in Open Rhinoplasty as an Alternative when Faced with Insufficient Plastic Surgery Material.
    b.Primary Criteria of ‘Beautiful Breast’ Creation.
    c.Anesthesia in Cases of Combined Aesthetic Surgery Operations.

    And for the same conference, he co-authored
    the following reports:

    a) Joint authorship of the report «Correction of Caudal Section Defects of Nasal Septum Deviation». Second All-Ukrainian scientifically-practical conference on the plastic surgery of Ukraine, 2006.

    b) Joint authorship of the report «Correction of Caudal Section Defects of Nasal Septum Deviation». Second All-Ukrainian scientifically-practical conference on the plastic surgery of Ukraine, 2006.

  • Breast Reconstruction and Treatment Algorithm for Patients with Complications after Polyacrylamide Gel Injections: A 10-Year Experience http://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s00266-012-0045-5

Геннадий Патлажан научная деятельность
Patlazhan School of Plastic Surgery

Currently (2007), Dr. G.Patlazhan holds the position of Assistant Chair of the Dept. of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Medicine at Odessa State Medical University (OSMU). Additionally, he is the Leading Surgeon for the independently conducted, training courses, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, held under the auspices of OSMU. These courses are specially organized with a medical training system utilizing direct teleconferencing to allow reciprocal feedback between operation rooms and conference training halls. The following is a comprehensive list of these courses.