Memo to the patient

Preoperative patient preparation

А week before the scheduled date of surgery the patient must pass:

– Consultation of the doctor anesthetist. During the consultation, the patient must provide the test results

– Consulting of a therapist;  Patient must inform the doctor about any changes in health status

– The patient is forbidden to use the food and drink for 8 hours before surgery

– Before the operation, you can not use cosmetics. All valuables should be left at home.

Laboratory tests:

Сomplete blood count with platelet and coagulogram

– Blood chemistry (liver function tests, urea, total protein, creatinine, glycosylated hemoglobin)

– General urine analysis

– Test for AIDS and hepatitis B and C

– RW analysis

– Electrocardiogram

– Rh factor, blood group

– Fluorography

Additional test  before surgery (ask your plastic surgeon)

– Fibrogastroduodenoscopy

– ENT-doctor examination

– Gynecological examination

– Direct microscopic study

– Immunogramm

– Prolactin level

– USI (ultrasound inspection)

-USI of pelvic organs; USI of abdomen; USI of breast; Venous leg system USI;