Lipoma (atheroma) removal

Removal of lipomas, atheromas and other benign tumors are common outpatient surgery, and usually do not present great technical difficulties.Such operations are most often carried out under local anesthetic or intravenous sedation combined. Patient can go home after 1-2 hours after surgery. Through the application of cosmetic intradermal sutures are almoast invisible. However, there are some features. So, when you remove a lipoma, it is advisable to undergo preoperative ultrasound alleged in interference zone so to understand what type of lipoma we have to deal with. In some instances,vacuum extraction of lipoma is enough rather conventional , but in most cases, in order to avoid recurrence of lipoma, it is necessary to remove the capsule, which implies a little more surgical approach (incision).Also, when multiple lipomas are on the legs, back, shoulders, one should be returned to genetically test for genetic abnormalities.

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Removed tumors

  • Cosmetic defect correction

  • Correction of functional disorders (with large lipomas)

Operation time
0,5-1.5 hours
local or combined anesthesia
1 day
5-7 days
Elimination of functional / aesthetic problems
Preparing for surgery
  • Availability (lipomas / atheroma)
  • Having lipoma related functional problems
  • The presence of aesthetic indications
  • Prevention of dermatological pathologies
  • Severe somatic disorders
  • Diabetes in the stage of decompensation
  • Pyogenic skin lesions in the treated area
  • Mental disorders
  • Certain genetic syndromes


  • 2-3 weeks prior to surgery one must pass a series of tests

  • Stop taking drugs that affect blood clotting

  • Additionally, US to hold the treated area

  • Additionally, dermatological (dermatoscopic) study before surgery


  • Premedication

  • Local anesthesia

  • Removing tumors with a small size cut (3-10 mm)

  • Intradermal suture

  • Aseptic bandage

Operation stages

  • Patient stays in clinic for 2-3 hours

  • Next day bandaging

  • Tight-elastic bandaging up to 5 days

  • Control of relapse within a month after surgery

  • Exercise restriction up to 14 days

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
In most cases, relapse removed by 95%. However, under certain conditions of the organism, it may on the other body portion
Elected surgical technique in which the scars less visible or camouflaged in those parts of the body, where they will be invisible
Yes. When you remove the atheroma or lipoma advisable to send biomaterial fo rcancer prevention
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