Calf Augmentation

Cruroplasty is an operation performed in order to improve the contour of shins of those patients who’s  calf muscle insufficient development, tibia bone deformities (the “O”-shaped strain), unilateral hypoplasia of muscles or traumas.  There are two ways to increase the volume of shins: the first  is lipofilling that can be quite effective in this case of small deformities or varios small disproportions of calfs. Second method is endoprothesis of culfs. In the case of O-shaped strain deformation of the tibia from first to second degree, to correct the curvature of the legs can be performed ednoprothesis operation. In more pronounced degrees of deformation, so-called osteotomy is performed (medical fractures) and Ilizarov’s external fixator ia used to form a flat tibia. In a case of  asymmetries shin sometimes  it’s possible to install one of the endoprosthesis for the correction. This product is similar to breast implants, but is shaped like an elongated oval and its smooth shell. There are various sizes and shapes of crural implant, depending on the growth and anatomical features of the patient. Modern implants do not require replacement and  have a lifetime warranty.

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Straight, smooth legs

  • Calf without strains

  • The symmetry of the lower limbs

Operation time
1-2 hours
General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia
1 day
7-14 days
Beautiful smooth legs
Preparing for surgery
  • "O"-shaped strain of I-II degree
  • Asymmetry of shin (calf)
  • Post-traumatic lower leg strain
  • "O"-shaped strain of III-IV degree
  • Varicose veins of lower extremities
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blood coagulation system pathology


  • Before 2-3 weeks preoperationaly one must pass clinical analyzes

  • Duplex scanning of the lower limbs vessels

  • In the clinic patient signs the contract and pays for the operation

  • Photography in standard positions

  • Consultation of the anesthesiologist


  • Incision (4-5 cm lenth) is performed on the inner surface below the knee of knee joint

  • Pocket for the implant is formed under the deep fascia of the lower leg

  • Using a special tool implant is being inserted into the cavity

  • Stitches on all soft tissue layers are performed

  • A similar operation is performed on the opposite calf

  • Aseptic bandage superimposed and compression stockings are used

Operation stages

  • Patient stays in hospital for 1 day

  • It is desirable to lie face down within 7 days after surgery

  • When patient is in a horizontal position in bed calfs must be at exalted position for several days

  • Sutures are removed after 7 days

  • Swelling can be kept up to to 3-4 weeks

  • Restrictions of active walking and wearing shoes with high heels 1 month after surgery

Frequently Asked Questions
In the case of correctly choose implant size the and precisely shaped cavities beneath the deep fascia shin it’s impossible to visually determine implant presence. With touch implant can be determined only by specialist
Some discomfort will be present for 3-4 weeks, until the swelling come down. Then the soft tissues should adapt to the new shape of the leg and stretched according to the size and shape of the implant. All unpleasant moments associated with the presence of the implant under the fascia, will disappear.
Yes. Within 2 months from the date of the operation you can gradually return to their previous level of physical activity
Yes. With the help of calf augmentation in most cases you can solve the problem of asymmetry shins.
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Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews