Gynecomastia correction

Gynecomastia – a pathological condition characterized by an increase in males mammary glands . In true gynecomastia breast can grow in size and condense.Patient feels pain during tactile contact (even with light touch). Also, there is a false gynecomastia caused by excessive deposition of adipose tissue in the chest area. In true gynecomastia, except for surgical treatment requires hormonal correction.Gynecomastia amenable to surgical correction with a persistent, lifelong effect. Correction can be carried out from 18 years of age. Since the surgical approach (incision) runs along the border of the areola, scars after surgery are almost invisible.

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Physiological profile of the male breast

  • Endocrine pathology prevention

  • The ability to wear tight clothes that emphasizes the male silhouette

  • Restoration of male body proportions

Operation time
1,5 - 2 hours
General anesthesia
1-2 days
7-14 days
Beautiful men's chest
Preparing for surgery
  • True or false gynecomastia
  • Aesthetic indications
  • Social indications
  • Severe somatic disorders
  • Diabetis
  • Pyogenic disease
  • Coagulopathy
  • Psychical deviations


  • 2-3 weeks prior to surgery is necessary to pass the tests prescribed by the doctor

  • Avoid taking drugs that affect blood clotting

  • Endocrinologist consultation (conclusion)

  • Mammary gland USI

  • Sella turcica region MRI

  • Consultation with the surgeon and medical photography


  • Surgery ander general or local anesthesia

  • Preoperative marking

  • Through a small incision glandular tissue is being removed

  • Possible additional step - liposuction

  • Intradermal suture

  • Aseptic dressing, elastic bandaging

Operation stages

  • Patient stays in clinic for day or two

  • Bandaging on the next day after surgery

  • Physical activity restriction 14-20 days

  • Wearing compression garment 30-45 days

  • Sutures are removed on 7-9 day

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
Male breast cancer may occur when there is long -existing true gynecomastia. Patient with true gynecomastia is included in the cancer high risk zone. Mastectomy is the prevention of cancer in men.
Individuals taking steroid hormones (bodybuilders), increased risk of gynecomastia, as a response to the reception of the hormone from the outside. In response to the release of steroids estrogen appears that in some cases leads to the occurrence of gynecomastia. Without surgery, the gland is not able to return to their previous size.
With 18 years it is possible to carry out surgical correction of this condition. It is nessesary to get endocrinologist and radiography of turkish sella region.
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