Restoration of the hymen. It may be produced from existing elements (residues hymen) and recovery by the entrance to the vagina tissues (so-called three-layer Hymenoplasty – formation of a new hymen). Operation is particularly in demand as indications of personal and religious (Muslim). In most cases, to carry out such an operation is sufficient local anesthesia. operation time does not exceed one hour. On the same day, the patient is discharged from hospital. Limiting sexual 5-10 days.

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Operation results:

  • Virginity restoration

Operation time
20-40 minutes
Local anesthesia
1 - 5 hours
7-14 days
Hymen restoration
Preparing for surgery
  • Restoration of virginity at the personal request, family or religious reasons
  • Acute inflammation of the genitals
  • Oncology
  • Violation of the blood coagulation system (without treatment)
  • Severe somatic conditions


  • For 7-14 days prior to surgery is necessary to take a blood, urine

  • Survey of the gynecologist, the analysis of discharge from the genital tract


  • Local anesthesia

  • Staple hymen remnants with absorbable suture material or the formation of the hymen by the vaginal mucosa by suturing it with three layers (the integrity of such a hymen persists for a long time)

Operation stages

  • Processing genital with antiseptic solution up to 7 days

  • Do not immerse the body in water 7-14 days (swimming pool, sauna, swimming in ponds exclude)

  • Physical activity restriction up to 7-14 days

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
Within 7-10 days it is left absolutely no trace of the intervention
The operation itself has no negative consequences, but in order to avoid infection of accession must be observed all the recommendations of your surgeon's postoperative
As with any surgery, hymenoplasty can be carried out from 18 years, but in special cases with the written permission of parents, this operation can be carried out at younger age
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