Inner thigh lifting

Slender beautiful legs, hips steep – a necessary component of beauty and attractiveness of the female body and the subject of enthusiastic attitudes of men. But, unfortunately, on the legs we carry all the burdens of life.

Conditions such as hormonal changes, loss of elasticity and resilience, aging changes, significant body weight loss is primarily recorded on the thighs and the inner surface as hormone-dependent area.

The excess flabby, overstretched skin in this area, as well as subcutaneous fat, can be removed surgically with minimal noticeable scars, which are perfectly disguised of underwear.

In some cases, it is possible place the incisions along the natural folds of the groin so that they remain minimally visible or not visible at all the same, returning the thighs of their former seductive circuit without visible signs of surgery.

Sometimes it is advisable to combine surgical facelift inner thighs with liposuction of the area.


Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Beautiful hips

  • The decrease in the volume of the thighs and the restoration of the proportions

  • Comfortable moving

  • Eliminating hygienic discomfort

Operation time
2-3 hours
General anasthesia
2-3 days
10-14 days
Beautiful, slim hips
Preparing for surgery
  • Stretched, loose skin inner thighs
  • Sagging due to a significant loss of body weight
  • The difficulty in movement
  • Hygienic problems
  • Rejuvenation of hips
  • Severe somatic diseases
  • Autoimmune disorders, diabetes
  • Infectious diseases in the surgery area (pyoderma)
  • Coagulopathy


  • For 2-3 weeks prior to surgery is necessary to pass the tests prescribed by the doctor

  • ECG, chest X-ray

  • Cancel drugs that affect blood clotting

  • Before the surgery, the surgeon put the marks on the inner thighs

  • Medical photography

  • The patient signs the contract and pays for the operation


  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia

  • Application markings made incisions to remove excess skin and VLC

  • Gradually performed suturing the surgical wound

  • Possible additional liposuction step

  • Superimposed cosmetic skin suture

  • Aseptic, compressive bandage

Operation stages

  • The patient is in the hospital for 2-3 days (bed rest)

  • On the 2 - th postoperative day postoperative linen dresses

  • Compression garment must be worn for 1.5-2 months

  • Limit physical activity for 2 months

  • Postoperative swelling subsides within 14 days

  • Sutures are removed within 12-14 day

Frequently Asked Questions
The result of the operation lifetime, but non-compliance with diet or further significant loss of body weight, there may be disparities
Protect from direct sunlight for 1-2 months, the exercise in full 3 months. Compulsory wearing of compression underwear for at least a month.
With significant excesses along the entire inner surface of the thigh (from groin to knee), there may be a vertical component of the scar. The need for such surgical maneuver is discussed at the internal consultation with your surgeon
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Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews