Labia minora plastic

Every woman knows that sex appeal and harmonious sex life depends on self-confidence. The appearance and condition of the sexual organs is largely formed this belief. Labia minora and clitoris – this is the main eyes availabl earea.
Size, asymmetry, the tone reduction, pigmentation of the genitals can spoil the mood, evoke a sense of confusion and self-doubt, qualitatively worsen the intimate life and adversely effect the relationship with the sexual partner may appear painful sensations and microtraumas during sex and sports, while wearing close linen and clothes, interfering with daily life.
Fortunately, all these problems successfully amenable to surgical correction, which is carried out for 30-40 minutes, does not require general anesthesia and a hospital stay, and most importantly, does not leave any visible signs of interference. Therefore, these operations are the most popular.

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • satisfaction with the appearance of the genitals - confidence in yourself

  • the absence of discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse

  • freedom and comfort during sports

  • no problems with personal hygiene

Operation time
30-60 minutes
local or combined anesthesia
2- 7 hours
14-28 days
psychological comfort and satisfaction
Preparing for surgery
  • dissatisfaction with the genitals appearance
  • reduced self-esteem, embarrassment and inferiority complex when visiting public places
  • inability to wear certain clothes and dress models
  • discomfort, pain during sex
  • irritation, microtrauma when wearing tight underwear and trousers
  • problems with personal hygiene (during menstruation, after a bowel movement)
  • discomfort during exercise (running, cycling, prolonged stay in a sitting position)
  • pregnancy and the early postpartum period
  • inflammatory genital diseases (in the acute stage) and genital infections
  • genital oncology
  • blood disorders


  • gynecological examination, smear and cervical cytomorphology 7-14 days

  • a blood test for syphilis, hepatitis, HIV

  • Clinical analysis of blood, urine

  • blood type and Rh -

  • coagulation (analysis of blood coagulation)


  • preoperative marking

  • local anesthesia

  • soft tissues reduction

  • intradermal sutures

Operation stages

  • treatment of external genital antiseptic solution after acts of urination and defecation - up to 7 days

  • treatment of sutures with antiseptic and wound-healing ointment 2-3 times a day - 7 days

  • sexual and physical rest for up to 4 weeks

  • Do not immerse the body in water - 2- 4 weeks (taking baths, bathing in ponds, pools)

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
Complications are extremely rare (3.5% of cases). Most often it is small hematoma in the area of the labia minora. And they are connected with the failure of our recommendations.
Return to the initial form is impossible, since the excess tissue is removed completely.
Such changes could over time have a less severe manifestations, but never acquire original appearance.
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Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews