Improved appearance with a scalpel – a complicated procedure, and not everyone is capable of such a mind. An alternative to “big surgery” is lipofilling – simple, safe and high-tech method of correction of age changes a person’s appearance. At the end of the nineteenth century, scientists figure correction method was proposed, which was based on the use of conventional syringe and the patient’s own subcutaneous fat. However, to achieve excellence surgeons needed just a little more than a century. Now it is quite common and painless procedure. Lipofilling does not require special preparation. Those who dare to such an operation does not have to pass difficult tests or a long interview in the clinic.  Patient’s stay in cliniс normally takes less than an hour.

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Operation results:

  • The increase in the volume and projection of the face and body

  • Adjustment of age-related changes of hands and face

  • Correction of inverted scars

  • Improving circuits (body-contour) drumsticks and thighs

Operation time
1-2 hours
local or general anesthesia
1 day
1-2 weeks
Without resorting to complicated surgical procedures, you will become the owner of a beautiful and taut facial features, shapes and desired dimensions of certain parts of the body
Preparing for surgery
  • Deep wrinkles in the mouth area of the face and around the eyes, nasolabial folds lines expressed;
  • Changing the shape and volume of the cheekbones, cheeks
  • Breast augmentation, elimination of asymmetry and improving form
  • Rejuvenation of different areas, such as rounding shin
  • The presence of inflammatory processes, including infectious in the intended location for correction ;
  • Diabetes and oncopathology
  • Сoagulopathy
  • Pregnancy and breast-milk feeding


  • Before the surgery, the surgeon will conduct a detailed consultation, answer all the questions, gather a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination


  • Harvesting fat from the buttocks and abdominal wall

  • After the adipose tissue using liposuction taken, it is treated, centrifuged, so that it becomes liquid

  • Fat is injected by syringe and the needle in the right places, as well as other injectable fillers

  • After lipofilling procedures is done sterile dressing performed

Operation stages

  • Physical activity may be limited for some time, usually a couple of weeks

  • The bandage can be removed after a couple of days

  • Usually, at the lipofilling area remain some bruising and swelling for some time and is being eleminated in a week

Frequently Asked Questions
Today, the answer is only one - you need to! Lipofilling - it is not only self-sufficient and effective method of aesthetic correction, but also an inseparable element of a comprehensive approach.
Up to 65-70 years. Lipofilling -is an injection that can be performed under local anesthesia, without need for general anesthesia. And the procedure takes from 30 minutes to an hour. As a rule, there is no pain after an operation. The result in most cases is maintained until the end of life. It turns out that today is the easiest and virtually painless method to return the youth.
First of all, on the correct definition of indications for its implementation. This choice is based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing defect, the state of the zones for the abstraction of fat tissue and the patient's expectations. It is obvious that if no significant excess subcutaneous fat on the body, it is impossible to perform transplantation of large amounts of adipose tissue. Long fat intake in areas with insufficient leads to damage and increased bone resorption after injection. Furthermore, it is impossible to provide one hundred percent guarantee high engraftment and growth in areas that are themselves thin, or c areas where there are dense scars, or, for example, changes after radiotherapy. In such cases, repeated treatments are needed. When correcting age-related changes, all patients can clearly see improvements. From the viewpoint of minimizing the risks Lipofilling is one of the safest procedures.
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Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews
Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews