Mammary reconstruction surgery

Recovery (reconstruction) of the breast is a rather complex operation aimed to recreate the size and shape of the breast after a total, subtotal, subcutaneous mastectomy. As a rule, it is carried as deferred stage after radical interventions for oncological breast disease. But it can be carried out simultaneous and (simultaneously) with the resection of the prostate.

In recent years, it is gaining popularity prophylactic subcutaneous mastectomy on anamnestic and genetic reasons. If the patient is included in the high risk group (breast cancer in the female line in the family, with positive samples oncomarkers breast disease, etc.). When this operation is carried out one-stage breast ectomy subcutaneously with preservation of the nipple-areola complex and the immediate restoration of the lost volume and shape with the help of silicone breast implants.

It is also quite common breast reconstruction technique using a movable skin-muscle flap on the pedicle. (Latissimus dorsi, DIEP and TRAM flaps).

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Restored lost volume after mastectomy

  • Prevention of mammary glands cancer

  • Psychological self-confidence

  • The ability to feel free to visit public places that require outdoor clothing

Operation time
2-4 hours
General anesthesia
2-3 days
14-20 days
Reduced form and volume of the breast
Preparing for surgery
  • Status after mastectomy
  • Oncology in anamnesis
  • Eliminating asymmetry after unilateral mastectomy
  • Socio-aesthetic indications
  • Private patient's desire
  • Severe somatic disorders
  • Diabetis
  • Less than a month after cessation of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Violation of the blood coagulation system
  • Hematopoiesis pathology
  • Recurrence of cancer


  • two or three weeks before surgery one must pass all necessary tests

  • Mammary USI

  • MRI of torax

  • Fully normalize hormones

  • Stop taking drugs that affect blood clotting


  • Preoperative planning

  • Preoperarive marking

  • local anesthesia

  • Insision by the marking

  • Glandular tissue removal. Coagulation

  • Implant placement in the created cavity

  • Draines and sutures

  • Elastic and aseptic bandaging

Operation stages

  • Patient stays in clinic 2-3 days

  • Daily bandaging

  • Compression garment wearing for 2 month

  • Physical restrictionns for 2 month

  • Implants position control every 2 months during the first year

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
With an appropriate history and indicators of tumor markers, this operation can be performed on clinically- healthy patients
Surgery technique involves removing 95-99% of glandular tissue, which is a sufficient measure of prevention of mammary cancer
Yes, silicone implants, along with autological tissues, are one of the main methods of form correction and breast volume restoration
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