Operations on the ears that eliminating congenital deformities and disorders size called otoplasty. Most often they are performed  with the protruding ears, folded strain ears, when the strain lobes and the asymmetry of the ears presents. In those cases, when as a result of injury or a congenital condition there are missing piece of the ear pinna or the whole, the operation is performed to restore it, or the reconstruction of the pinna. With the complete absence of the auricle, the reconstruction performed in two or three stages with usage  of cartilage repair portion from costal cartilage, and different skin – areas or skin graft with an inner surface of the shoulder. The most common strain of ears on complaints statistics are protruding ears. To eliminate them partial removal of excess cartilage and joints are imposed tightening of non-absorbable suture material. The scar after surgery is cosmetic and it is located on the back surface of the ear.

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Operation results:

  • Ear of a right form and pressed to a head;

  • The absence of an asymmetry of the ears;

  • Anatomically - correct part of the ear;

  • The presence of all anatomical structures of the ear;

Operation time
1-2 hours
Local anasthesia
2-3 hours or 1 day
7 days
Beautiful ear pressed to the head
Preparing for surgery
  • Protruding ears;
  • The asymmetry of the ears;
  • Deformation of helix and antihelix;
  • Stretched or forked lobe;
  • The absence of part or all of the ear;
  • Diabetes;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Bleeding disorders;
  • Pyo-inflammatory diseases of the ear;
  • Keloids in the ear;


  • 1 week before the operation you must pass clinical analyzes;

  • At the evening before the operation wash the head with shampoo;

  • In the clinic, the patient signs the contract and pays for the operation;

  • Photography is performed


  • The operation is performed under local anesthesia

  • Incision is performed on the rear surface of the pinna

  • Resection of the protruding portion of the ear cup

  • Anthelion is formed

  • Tightens tail lobe and curl

  • Overlap seams tightening

  • Cosmetic seams applied on the skin

  • Aseptic and compressive bandage on the ears

Operation stages

  • The patient is in the clinic 1-2 hours after surgery

  • A compression bandage is worn on the ears without taking 2 weeks, and the next two weeks is worn at night

  • Swelling and bruising are held one or two weeks

  • Limit two or three weeks of physical activity

Frequently Asked Questions
With 6 years of age a child ear shell is formed by 95% . It is advisable to perform this operation before the child joins the school staff (7 years), to avoid possible trauma associated with protruding ears.
Yes. To date, there are techniques that allow for a complete reconstruction of the ear
During 14 days you need to wear a bandage around the clock and another two weeks at night only. Limit physical activity on average per month, but in contact sports or martial arts up to six months. Recurrence is possible for a number of reasons beyond the control of the operation, but can be easily eliminated.
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Plastic surgery in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro | Prices for plastic surgery, reviews