Scars correction

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove scar completely(whether surgical or post-traumatic scar scar). However, in most cases, scars amenable to surgical correction, after which they become less noticeable. Typically, it is possible to reduce the width of the rumen, but is almost impossible to affect its length. In any case, one can make the scar less noticeable. In some cases, scar can be moved (moving the skin flaps) to less visible areas, covered with clothing, linens). It is possible, when threse is an excess of soft tissue but if the scar is, for example, on the skin of the lower leg, then by virtue of its anatomical features masking is problematic. Scars are normo – hyper – and hypertrophic. They all can be successful surgicaly corrected. Separately need to distinguish keloid scarring in people prone to keloid skin reactions to trauma. In such cases, the approach is individual and does not always involve a surgical correction. Complex schemes of conservative treatment is applied at keloid scars, which include compression therapy, corticosteroid therapy, the use of creams and silicone wafers, the selection of individual therapy aimed at normalizing the metabolism of folic acid, etc.

Post-burn contracture dermatogenic are a direct indication for surgical scar plasty . In some cases, it requires long-term preoperative preparation with local fabrics, plastics and free skin grafts. Implantation expanders and others.

Results Photos

Operation results:

  • Scar is less visible and more good looking

  • The scar is camuflated

  • Destruction of dermatogenic post-burn contractures (limbs mobility back, neck and so forth.)

  • The solution for functional and aesthetic problems in areas of rough scar deformities

Operation time
0,5-2 hours
Local or general anesthesia
1-2 days
7-14 days
Smooth, less visible scar
Preparing for surgery
  • Dermatogenic contracture
  • Rough scar deformation
  • Functional disorders caused by scar deformities
  • Aesthetic indications
  • Severe somatic state
  • Decompensated diabetes
  • Pyogenic disease in the intervention zone
  • Lack of microcirculation in the proposed intervention zone
  • Inability to complete closure of the defect


  • For 2-3 weeks prior to surgery is necessary to pass the tests prescribed by the doctor

  • Stop taking drugs that affect blood clotting

  • Medical compatibility tests

  • Anesthesiologist consultation

  • Two weeks before surgery you must quit smoking


  • Preoperative marking

  • Local or general anesthesia

  • Elliptical, or complex shape incision, with the movement of flaps

  • Comparison of the flaps with fixation

  • Intradermal suture

  • Aseptic dressing, elastic bandaging

Operation stages

  • The patient spends in the hospital from 1 to 3 days

  • Daily dressings in a hospital

  • Physical activity restriction up to 14 days

  • Sutures are removed 7-14 days

  • Wearing silicon wafers on scars a month after surgery

Patients feedback

*The result depends on the individual of the patient

Frequently Asked Questions
In most cases, completely get rid of the scar is not possible, because the scar correction requires a new scar. But it is possible to make the most of his invisible
At any stage of scar formation it is possible surgical correction. But it should be used with caution on the conservative methods of immature scars
Each case of keloid is strictly individual. In most cases, the individual is required keloidoza, complex scheme of therapeutic and surgical effects on keloid scars. Everything is decided in the internal consultation with the surgeon
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