I want to thank Gennadiy Patlazhan and all his professional team for an excellent result, which I received after breast augmentation surgery. My expectations and the fact that I received after the operation coincided. I am very happy and I think it’s a great luck that I came to the Dr. Patlazhan. clinic I realized that it was “my” doctor, and I’m willing to trust him with any problems that may arise with me. I think that if I will appeal to the clinic I’ll get a good result. You give confidence and satisfaction, and it is a very important factor for women. I thank all of you for the respect, care and attention, as well as the professional approach.


Many thanks to you, Patlazhan Gennady for beautiful and healthy nose !!! Today I removed the plaster and was really happy !!! My new nose is very beautiful, and most importantly – healthy !!! And even better than I expected !!!
I became even more beautiful and younger than 10 years !!! That’s great!!! I am very happy!!! I recommend, Gennady P. as a true professional !!! Thank you very much! Soon I”ll come to make a new breast! Gennady I. – doctor with golden hands, the jeweler! Health to you and your family! Love and are new victories!


I had thin and a little upper lip, which completely disappeared with a smile. I have long thought about how to fix it, and most recently the friend advised me cheiloplasty. For some time I thought about the use of fillers and injections, but ultimately decided to trust plastic surgery. Of course, I was worried and afraid, but it turned out that for nothing. Gennady quickly set up for a positive outcome and the most difficult and painful step in the operation turned out to be a shot of anesthetic. The operation lasted just under an hour, and I can see the result today. My upper lip has become a beautiful form, just that I always dreamed of and now I’m not a bit sorry that decided to go through surgery.
Thank you very much!! You are a true professional !!


For a man, the presence of strong-willed and courageous chin, you might say, is everything. I had a small chin, which did not correspond to the proportions of the face and the sight seemed a bit childish, but I’m 25 years old.
In operation for a long time she did not dare to, but my parents supported me.
Now I am very happy that it is not afraid of change. My life has changed for the better, I became confident, noticed increased attention women)
Thank you, Gennady I. You made my life brighter!


I want to join a grateful audience! I want to say – thank Gennady Igorevich for his skill and talent to make women (and not only) beautiful and confident. Why women go to a plastic surgeon? For a favorite ??? I think for the most part – it is not true. Personally, I sought the help of a plastic surgeon, because I want to be the most beautiful for her two small children, and the most desirable for her beloved husband. I want to when I walk down the street with their children, the men thought – Wow, wow such a mommy! I want a husband introduces me to his colleagues and friends, who in turn thought – “And his wife is beautiful! Lucky. “


Many thanks to Gennadiy Igorevich! Again, I look young and feel happy and beautiful. Every morning, I smile at my reflection in the mirror. For me, as if time had turned back the clock.
I came for consultation with a view to remove wrinkles around the eyes, but the doctor still advised facelift. And he was right! I had omitted cheeks, and without lifting the midface my view would not be natural.
After the operation, I was appointed physiotherapy, so that the swelling and bruising have gone very quickly. Also I liked that the dressings and physiotherapy doing at the clinic in the center of the city, save a lot of time on the road.
Thank you very much to you and your team! I would advise you to all my friends!


After lipofilling of nasolabial folds, I noticed a change in appearance to the best that I could not fail to please. The result is gorgeous, I am no longer ashamed to proudly walk down the street. Just a month and a half I did not recognize myself – not only younger but also got rid of the sagging folds.


Thank you very much for the excellent surgery, Gennadiy. I was performed to reduce and correct the lips (cheiloplasty). A month passed, it looks already perfect. Finally, the complex was lost and I please myself !!!
Once again, thank you very much !!!


Nature gave me a protruding ears. All my life it gave me some discomfort. Especially at school classmates liked to tease me. Because of this feature, I always wore loose hair. About beautiful braids and hairstyles could only dream And of course as soon as possible, I decided to take this step. Arriving for consultation was very nervous, but it turned out – for good reason. Gennady I. podrobnenko explained everything and showed approximately what the result is waiting for me.

I was very pleased with the results. I wear any hairstyle, braids. On the street in the heat I can safely make ponytails. I’m really happy and had grown accustomed to their “new” lugs. Thank you very much !! dr. Patlazhan


I am the mother of two children. It’s amazing, but during pregnancy I could not get weight too much, so after child’s born I quickly returned to the old forms. But my stomach. Not only that, there were banners, so also the skin was flabby and wrinkled, just look disgusting. I further prospect of living with the stomach did not like, so I decided to act.
Before the consultation, I found that the solution to my problem is the abdominoplasty, and Gennady do it best Gennady. I went to him. The date chosen in such a way that by the summer tummy would be fine. Now I wear special clothes, but the tummy just lovely. Thank you!